Compact 2 by 2

Draft-less air distribution

A horizontal blow mode* can be set by remote controllers and delivers airflow horizontally to avoid blowing cooled air directly on to occupants, thus preventing discomfort. *If airflow is disturbed, smudging may occur on the ceiling.

Setting of airflow direction by individual vane

The new 4-way Ceiling Cassette eliminates the troublesome task of repositioning the airflow outlets when room layout is altered or the season changes.

Wide-flow air outlet

Ceiling cassettes offer a wide-flow air outlet that enables effective air conditioning of atrium-type ceilings up to 4.5 meters in height. The demands of high-ceiling applications such as halls, showrooms or shopping malls can now be fully answered thanks to this powerful yet highly efficient airflow.

Wide airflow

A new wide shape vane capable of wide angle air supply provides comfort even at the corners of a room, regardless of cooling operation. A reduction in air speed by 20% compared to conventional products eliminates uncomfortable draft sensations for better air conditioning.

Perfect panel size

Our 570mm SL Series are slim, attractive, yet powerful units. The SL's size and shape, which perfectly match 2-by-2 ceilings, and its lighter weight of 16.5kg make installation even easier and more convenient.

Slim unit body offers easy installation

The slim 570mm body and its octagonal shape, which keeps the space between bolts at 530mm, ease installation and ensure trouble- free maintenance./p>

35dB whisper-quiet operation

Ideal for cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops. Give all your customers the comfortable environment they deserve.

2,500 hour long life filter

Greatly reduces the frequency the filter needs to be replaced, making maintenance all the easier.

Fresh air intake

Provides indoor air of the highest quality.

Smudge-free airflow

Reduces annoying drafts and smudging.