Medium Static - Ceiling Concealed Duct Types

The ultimate in air conditioning quality and comfort with minimum costs

Limitless installation possibilities

Offering all the benefits of split-type models plus other important advantages, the PE/PED Series is not only easy to install but also very versatile. For example, the distance between the air-intake and air-outlet vents can be varied to allow airflow to be positioned in the optimum location.

Features at a glance

Installation & Maintenence

Chargeless system
Smooth Installation
Self-diagnostic function


Computerized dehumidifier
Quiet operation


System control
Twin multi operation
Auto restart
Outdoor unit operating range up to 46°C (PU-3 : up to 52°C)


Computerized dehumidification

The electronic dehumidifier mode - where fan speed is controlled precisely - increases dehumidification volume while improving dehumidifying efficiency.