MSY-GE Series

With energy saying "Econo-cool" and Fuzzy Logic "I Feel", the extra powerful and Super Quiet MS-G Series boasts of a world-class suite of features. From bedrooms to spacious Eying rooms, with our extended line-up, we have the air-conditioner that fulfil your home needs.

Econo Cool - Smart Save

The Econo Cool one touch operation automatically adjusts the direction of airflow based on the temperature at the air outlet. The set temperature can therefore be 2 °C above conventional temperature settings without loss of comfort and with a 20%increase in energy efficiency. Ensures greater comfort even when the temperature setting is 2°C above conventional settings.

Long Flow

Long flow feature which allows a reach of up to 12m. is available in the MS-G 18/24 models.

Powerful Cool

ensures faster cooling. It produces 10% more airflow than the "high fan" speed, cooling the room in less than 15 minutes, then automatically returning to the regular setting.

Auto Horizontal vane

The air outlet vane swings up and down so that the airflow is spread evenly throughout the room.

Indoor Units

Outdoor Units