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High Performance, Low Power Consumption, Excellent Reliability

In today's competitive environment, simply meeting industry standards, however stringent, is not enough. Our aim is to exceed them. That's why when it comes to comfort, efficiency and durability, Mitsubishi Electric offers you a distinctive advantage. We call it MEQ - Mitsubishi Electric Quality. And it's a new benchmark that results in leading edge products, such as air conditioners that consume minimal power and protect your investment with a long operational lifespan. You can also enjoy superb reliability, as they're built to endure the punishment of extreme weather conditions year in and year out.

itsubishi Electric Offers Three Important Advantages


True Comfort is Yours to Enjoy with Our Line-up We create products designed to ensure that you and your surroundings will always be in a perfect harmony. Whichever model from our Mr. SLIM line-up you may choose for commercial use, in restaurants, stores, or offices, will be your guarantee of exceptional comfort in every and all operating conditions.


Optimum Cost Performance and Energy Savings MEQ results in air conditioners that are rated among the best in the industry in terms of quality and energy efficiency. We strive for a perfect balance of performance, reliability, low power consumption and long operational life span. This is complemented by continuous introduction of new technologies and components that further reduce energy requirements and improve eco-friendliness.


Rugged Construction, Rigorous Testing, Long-lasting Operation MEQ is behind a mindset that goes to extremes to ensure higher quality products that protect the initial investment over years of reliable service. We subject our indoor and outdoor units to rigorous durability testing, including harsher temperature extremes than likely found anywhere in the world.

Indoor Units

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